Wisdom in Exhaling

Breathing is the first physiological activity after the human birth.

Therefore, it is an irrevocably and more sensible activity that keeps us alive and allows us to function in a healthy way.

In yoga breath is taking very special place in both spiritual and physical aspect.

As long as we can breathe, we can do anything and everything is possible, even when our mobility is not on the highest level.

What breathe dose to us?

Breathing plays a key role in the yoga practice. The importance of proper breathing in yoga is demonstrated by the huge number of exercises and technique. Breath begins philosophy of yoga and allows practitioners to become union of body and mind.

I have crossed very wise article about breathing, which I would love to share.

“We draw an astounding 22,000 breaths daily, but because breathing is involuntary, we often take it for granted.”

And now just imagine focusing on each of the inhale and exhale 22.000 times in each day?

22.000 of conscious inhalation and exhalation, 22.000 of possibilities to sense our own presence, possibilities to be present and be fully in present state?

Al Lee, co-author of Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time. In his opinion we have 22, 000 opportunities to choose health and wisdom every single day. Moreover he painted a picture of perfect breathing:

“Watch a baby breath; it looks like there is a balloon in the stomach that inflates and falls back down. This is belly breathing –pleasant, enjoyable and natural”

During inhalation, the diaphragm pulls down under the lungs, allowing them to expand with air and displace space in the abdomen.

Breath is a direct way for us to quickly communicate with the brain about what we do with our body. It also offers a direct link to the sympathetic (responsible for reaction: defence and attack) and parasympathetic (rest and relaxation)

Just like aromatherapy or music therapy or other forms, breathing is one of the most important tools which we can communicate with our mind.

Having said that, if we are straggling with knee or shoulder pain, when our foot hurts, we can massage or compress, and we have respond from aching body that we are getting better. In the case of our mind to check and change our mind discomfort, breathing and tools like aromatherapy or even music therapy are able to get a significant effect on changing our state of mind.

Conscious inhalation can nourish and provide a lovely energy for our mind and body. Conscious exhale can help with cleansing our mind and body form toxins and stored emotions.

Mastering our own breath is the foundation of yoga. Controlled breath allows us to control our body and mind. Calm breath is calming our mind and heart, allows relieving tension and stress.

In our fast spinning world, we do not try to find a way to get closer to ourselves. However, we are trying our best to get away as far as possible form ourselves and others.  We are wearing masks, that work as an anesthetic and making us blind and deaf. But we don’t have to do it, we don’t have to run from ourselves because we have our breath, so let’s try to use an organic tool our own breath,

Principally we need establish intention toward that moment, as where there is intention there is a connection, where there is connection there is a cure

Take a seat, switch off your mind from any responsibilities and attention for the past and the future.

Nothing is waiting for you, pause, and sense smoothly this moment and draw your intention inward and let your breath lead you. …..with each breath you are taking and with each breath you are exhaling be more conscious, be more grounded.

 Can you hear your breath right now? Maybe this is the first time you can hear your breath…if yes, you are in the right direction …


Imagine that with the inhalation new energy has the ability to reach to the places where our wounds our pain settled for too long. Once again exhale and feel yourself getting to the places forgotten by you, which you did not want to visit because of fear and pain, there is possibly good time, try to let all of them go.

And pause, observe and feel your inhale, repeat conscious breathing a few times with special intention for detachment to the past, fracture and the fear.

What you can sense right now?

Any time you will have a chance to practice breathing technics, do it slowly and deeply.

Exhale with sigh out, lion pose, slow, quick, short, but the most important is to do breathing with intention if you really want to see positive changes in your life.

Transforming breathing, especially exhale into a conscious activity can provide space for new energy, awareness and control, and dramatically improve our mental and physical life.

If you need to master your life, you need to master your mind, but to master your mind you need to master your breath and to see changes, conscious intention is much needed.

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