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Maria Noguerado Mellado

Anna has been my yoga teacher for almost two years now. She has made me love yoga even more, her dedication and knowledge is great! She is now guiding me through pregnancy yoga and I am really grateful!


Thank you very much to Świątynia Dźwięku – Sound Temple and everyone, who decided to come with me for Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat in Poland.
It was such an honour to have shared this inner journey with you all.
For me it was and it is priceless journey, the one I have never had a chance to experienced till now.
What an amazing and pure energy we have created?
I can very easily say that it was and still it is; inner journey through the self from the self to the self-unique, pure and priceless.
For me it is a journey of LIGHT-LOVE-LIFE
You all touched my heart.
Thank you very much
Be light

Eleanor Clarke

It was a magical place. Thank you for sharing it with us Ana and for your fantastic yoga classes. I’m going to recommend to everyone I know x


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Manuela

    Anna is a wonderful person and yoga teacher. Very professional and careful to everyone’s needs, her classes are always engaging plus she always offer personal advise when needed.
    I loved going and would still doing them if I was living nearby.
    Highly recommended,

  2. Roxanne H

    I started my yoga journey with Anna as my teacher and I’ve learnt so much. Every class is different and I always finish feeling refreshed, calm and peaceful! Her classes are the highlight of my week!

  3. Caroline Bernardone

    Anna is a wonderful and caring yoga teacher. I started practicing with her over a year ago and love going to her classes so much that I make it an intention to go every week! She has an insightful mind and knows exactly what everyone needs. I always leave feeling very relaxed and peaceful, even when I’ve had a tough day. I know I have learnt a lot from her and recognise my improvement. Thank you Anna for your knowledge and love.x

  4. Fiona

    Ania is an angel. She has been has been helping me so much with private classes of reiki. She has used a number techniques with me including sound healing, crystals, palo santo and different lighting – I fully recommend her as she is highly intuitive and capable in understanding personal needs. She has much wisdom to offer and is helping me enormously with my personal journey. She creates a safe environment which radiates calm. Every week I go and return home with an enduring sense of peace and tranquillity. I look forward to every session as I become more and more confident and relaxed. A wonderfully warm and kind person whom I cannot recommend highly enough. She is inspiring and a phenomenal teacher on every front. I feel truly blessed to have discovered her and am very grateful for all that she does. The reiki she gives is very powerful and I enjoy the effects of it as it has helped me enormously.


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