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We are Reiki Practitioners trained by Torsten A. Lange in Reiki Academy London. Offering Reiki treatments done by two practitioners or one at the time.

We both get inspired by our Reiki Master and we would love to share our inspiration about how amazing Reiki is with you.

Receiving Reiki from one practitioner is very powerfully and beneficial, so imaging how beneficial can be receiving Reiki from two?

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What to expect from a Reiki treatment

During a treatment, the Reiki Practitioner places the hands on the client – and simply lets the Reiki energy flow.                              

It is generally assumed that the energy is not given by the practitioner, but rather drawn by the recipient

 Lying comfortably on a therapy couch, the client remains fully clothed during the treatment.

 The practitioner’s hands may be placed on the head, or on various position near the Chakras along the torso.                            

Often, the hands are placed intuitively.

 If wished, the treatment can remain “hands-off” with the practitioner holding their hands about 10 cm above the client’s body

 The energy will flow wherever needed, and can significantly aid the body’s innate healing abilities.

 In some cases, symptoms can increase for a short period when healing starts (This is known as a “healing crisis”).

 Receiving a treatment is normally a deeply relaxing experience, balancing and harmonizin body and mind, and giving comfort and peace.

 Some clients experience a meditative state where they see colours or images, or embark on an “inner spiritual journey”.

 In some cases, clients experience that suppressed emotions or problems are released, or old memories revoked. Discussing these with the practitioner often leads to becoming aware of the underlying causes of a physical, mental, or emotional problem.

 The practitioner can also scan the body for any energy blockages or imbalances and release or balance them.

 A treatment normally lasts around 1 hour.


Please note that a Reiki treatment is not a substitute for conventional therapies. Always consult a medical professional as well.