My Name Is Ania and I’m certified and insured Yoga Teacher, Certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner. 

Since my very first step toward mat I felt deep connection with YOGA and from that moment sharing my experience and knowledge about how helpful yoga is, become my passion.

Yoga is a beautiful miracle, same as the life of each of us.

Yoga is nothing else, but absolutely unique and irreplaceable organic tool, which we can safely use to deal with any life obstacles.

I call it organic, as the only side effect after practising yoga you can feel is happiness.

Yoga will not make our problems and responsibilities disappear, but can help us to react to our daily duties with control, understanding.


Moreover, Yoga is a great tool to make our mind and body stronger and our heart more open.

And that’s exactly what I’ve experienced since I started practising yoga.

My body, my mind, my heart was calling for something, that would blow away anything what was settled inside me for long. Stress (work, life), a lot of tension, disconnection, sadness, pain, fear, all these feelings, emotions pushed me toward yoga.

I can easily say that Yoga transformed my life for better and helped me to do a very deep cleaning of my mental and physical condition.

And in this very moment, right now I would like to make everyone believe that yoga is for everyone:

“Body not stiff, mind stiff”- Patanjali