Warrior II – organic tool to become grounded

Step the right foot to the side, lift your knee with full awareness and gently step front foot onto the earth.

Pause for a few seconds and try to see yourself and feel this moment

And with consciousness begin process of dropping deep into that moment

Allow your inhale expand and open you

And the exhale, allow your exhale to ground you from the roots of your being.

Repeat conscious breath,

And really see yourself with your chest lifting up, and your feet more grounded

Allow your inhale touch what is accessible above you

Allow your exhale touch your roots

And see yourself almost ready to become

Front knee gently getting bent directly over ankle

Hands extend parallel to the earth

If you are ready, turn your palms up to receive this moment

Lift your chest with inhalation and let the exhale clear your path.

And now where your path of this moment get clear

I’m inviting you to go to inward direction, like you never did before

And see yourself as a Virabhadrasana as a warrior of self-awareness

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