“Lie down on your back with your arms stretched out.

Begin with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Gradually draw your awareness inwards. Consciously and slowly, one at a time, lengthen your heels out along the floor, inviting your legs to fall back and rest.

Elongate your arms down to your sides, releasing any last vesting of stress or exhaustion. Turn your palms up into a soft receptive position like a baby’s hands. feel yourself letting go of whatever you have been holding on to.

Allow the skin of your face to soften away from the bones. your eyes drop back in their sockets, away from the inside of your eyelids. the gaze moves down, resting in the warmth of a heart. vision now seems to come from your heart. your ears also turn inward towards the heart to listen to its whispering.

As you drop deeper and deeper into Savasana, your skin starts to grow more porous and transparent, almost translucent, so that the light inside you can radiate outwards and the light all around you put inwards.

As your skin continues to open to the light, your boundaries begin to soften and dissolve.
the boundaries of your personality also begin to soften.

let go now or anything that keeps you separate from other beings and from the joy and bliss of your essential nature, letting it all float away like clouds in an infinite blue sky.

From this vast awareness find your breath and follow its path as it flows down into your body with your inhalation and as it empties out with your exhalation. breathing in, your eyes soften; exhaling your breath dissolves into emptiness. breathe down into earth, breathe out into spaciousness.

Notice the moment of stillness at the very end of inhalation and at the very completion of exhalation.

This is not a holding, but rather a suspension of your breath. Imagine this pause like a hawk suspended on a current of air. With the inhalation, drop down deep into the still pool of a pause at its end.

Follow the exhalation all the way to its completion and savor the exquisite moment at the end when it dissolves into space like smoke disappearing into the sky. Inhale, and pause for a few heartbeats; exhale and pause for a few heartbeats. Continue this practice for a few minutes”

Andrew Harvey A Guide to Sacred Activism


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