Barefoot on the mat – barefoot through life….

On every yoga class I advise my students to pay special attention to their feet, during yoga session and after.

Why? As there are several reasons ….

From an anatomical point, the feet are made of 28 bones, 31 joints, 107 ligaments and 20 muscles.

Comparing our whole body, feet are not too big, but undoubtedly one of the strongest. They carry us every day, they lead us through life, through darkness and light. Our feet showing us when is time to rest…

Without them it would not be easy to walk through each moment and you know what?  Feet are magical.

In traditional yoga, feet are the basis of the temple of the body. Just as the foundation of the temple (our body) must be stable and properly arranged in order to support all its structure, our feet must be strong and equally balanced to support the entire legs, spine, shoulders, neck, head.

I can say easily, yoga is a recipe for not only healthy feet, but healthy body.

Unfortunately, not many people realize, that the feet can be responsible for pain in the knees, hips, back, neck or other spinal deformities. It is really pity, that not many people sense their feet in a glorious way.

Having said that, our feet are very fond when they are bare, when we freely move our toes, when we freely transfer the weight of the body to the outer and inner part of our feet. Moreover, our feet are designed to walk barefoot on an uneven surface. Under such condition, the muscle structure of the feet is strengthened; the feet are naturally massaged, subjected to various challenges. Our feet are designed for movement; our feet don’t like to be hidden in the shoes where the shoes squeeze our toes, often deforming the joints and limiting the natural range of feet movement. 

Let your feet feel, same as your heart, let your feet touch the earth and be touched as well.

Just as healthy roots give stability and nourish the tree, such efficient and healthy feet give us energy and power. Therefore, regardless of the yoga style, and life style, we should pay special attention to our feet.

Another reason, why feet are very important is, where there is a lack of contact with our own feet, there is a block of flow energy, there is a weakness in a blood circulation and your feet and legs will get heavy and tired very quickly. Stay with your feet bare as much as you can and let them help you to experience connection between the earth-you- the sky.

 In fact thanks to them, you can feel grounded, stable and safe, whether you are on or off the mat. That is why in yoga there are many standing poses, whose task and purpose is to shake up and awaken in us a sense of the power of connection.

Appreciate your feet, massage and apply good vibes on them.

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